Our Mission:

To enhance the quality of life through the restoration and preservation of sight.

Iowa Lions Eye Bank (ILEB) fulfills this mission by:


ILEB hosts and attends a variety of sessions intended to inform the public and its stakeholders about the eye donation and transplant process. Conducting and participating in educational events helps build relationships with medical professionals, funeral directors, transplant centers and the general public.


Trained eye bank professionals are available day or night to perform eye donation recoveries. Recoveries are performed utilizing sterile technique to ensure the safety of ocular tissue being provided for transplantation and research.


Tissue processing has become an eye bank function which assists the surgeon by providing the exact portion of the cornea needed during surgery. ILEB is known as a leader and innovator in tissue processing practices, having been an early adopter or initiator of all types of processing.


Without the generosity of donors and their families, the ability to enhance the lives of others through the preservation and restoration of sight would not be possible. ILEB offers a multitude of programs to honor these individuals.


Donated tissue benefits others through ground-breaking research performed by ILEB’s partner researchers as well as a quickly developing research program internally at the eye bank.