The Giving Tree

The Giving Tree honors and thanks donors and their families, and it inspires each of us to consider our wishes regarding donor designation. Designate your wishes this year at or 1-877-366-6742.

The butterfly ornaments adorning the tree each identify someone who offered their final gift of life and/or sight through organ, eye, and tissue donation at UI Hospitals and Clinics during 2016. The butterfly symbolizes the change and transformation of life and death.

Those who gave the ultimate gifts of donation last year range in age from 1 year to 90 years old:

 Emmah Aldrich Robert Hermie  John Philipp
 Spencer Arnold  Susan Higgins  Terry Reynolds
 Donald Asplund  Philip Hirschler  Ben Richardson
 William Bartine  Sharon Hudachek  James Rohweder
 Belva Bielema  Jackie James  Renee Sandy
 Richard Bowers  Mary (Pat) Keever  Janie Schmidt
 Donald Bryan  Richard E. Kerber  Tabatha Smith
 Tammy Cecak  Jackie Kerr  Kim Stautz
 Dorothy Chamberlain  William Knisley  Robert Steinbrech
 Jordan Duerr  Betty Krabil  Brielle Thompson
 Angela Fereday  Timothy Kuempel  Lester Thostenson
 Judith Fielder  Joyce Lawrence  Jim Timmer
 Andi Fowler  Kyle Leeney  John Tinker
 Steve Gerth  Robin Marshall  Patrick Tisor
 Cora Glover  Timothy Martin  Matthew Tott
 Paula Griffith  Anthony McCarty  Kenneth Volz
 Myrna Grothen  Carl Meierotto  Kyle Vosberg
 Dennis Gudenkauf  James Moraniec  Norman Wheeler
 Bryon Guldenpfenning  Michael Nieland  Cliff Youngblut
 Torin Hartbecke  Richard Noon  

Sponsored by the Iowa Lions Eye Bank, Iowa Donor Network, and UI Hospitals and Clinics Family Support Program.