The Donor Family Quilt of Memories

The Donor Family Quilt of Memories serves as a distinctive testimonial to the generosity of our donor families and a lasting tribute to their loved ones, commemorated within this beautiful work of art. Each finished quilt incorporates 25 unique and individual squares of fabric; lovingly designed, stitched, pieced or painted by eye donor families throughout Iowa and beyond. Some squares display a favorite photograph of the donor, while others carry simple words of love and remembrance. Each square is an artistic memorial tribute.

The first Donor Family Quilt of Memories for the Iowa Lions Eye Bank was completed in May of 2003 by Linda Reed from Ackley, Iowa. Linda is an active Lions Club member and has been a passionate quilter for many years. The 4TH and most recent quilt Linda finished for the eye bank was dedicated at the 2014 Annual Spring Dedication Ceremony, held in the Iowa Lions Donor Memorial & Healing Garden, with many of the quilt’s donor family members in attendance.

Linda Reed with Quilt 4
Linda Reed with Quilt 4

Each Donor Family Quilt of Memories is displayed in rotation at one of the Iowa Lions Eye Bank locations; either the main office in Coralville or the downtown Des Moines office. Throughout the year, the quilts are also exhibited at various district and state conventions, numerous public health fairs and hospital events, and several statewide awareness events during Donate Life month in April. Occasionally, a donor family may request to “borrow” the specific quilt that includes their loved one’s quilt block for display at a family reunion, remembrance event or community function. The Family Services Program is honored to work with these donor families in fulfilling their special requests.

The Donor Family Quilt of Memories is an ongoing project of the Iowa Lions Eye Bank.

Beulah Howrey 1912-1971 William W Wood 1938-2004 Robert Michael Collins 1971-2007 Sarah Pulvermacher 1981-2008 & Sean Connolly 1982-2008 Lowell Bruce Moore 1939-2009 Paul Wigner Sr 1951-2009 Joseph R Thome 1930-2009 Richard Leo Lacina 1930-2009 Merlyn Mert DeCoster 1937-2009 Rodger Knoop 1942-2009 Ellen Marie Carr 1931-2010 Garry D Wright 1940-2010 Garry D Wright 1940-2010 Linda Jean Krogmeier 1956-2010 Crystal Dawn Taylor 1975-2010 Karla Wolff 1961-2011 Dennis T Donald 1944-2011 Mary Jo Hagedorn-Reed 1936-2013 Wesley Price 1958-2011 Lester Leo Light 1923-2011 Michael D Mintle 1950-2012 Rebecca Jo Smith 1978-2012 Ronald Webb 1943-2008 Amber Rae Johnson-Mordini 1974-2013 Robert Gryskiewicz 1950-2008

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For more information please contact: Debra Schuett, Family Services Coordinator