ILEB Research

The Iowa Lions Eye Bank is committed to engaging in cutting edge research activities that will revolutionize our understanding and treatment of eye disease. Our dedicated research team, in collaboration with a multidisciplinary group of faculty and staff at the University of Iowa, is tirelessly seeking out new discoveries and technologies that will improve eye banking practices and help restore vision loss. The ultimate goal of our research efforts are to identify therapeutic targets that will help maintain normal tissue function in aging populations and individuals suffering from disease. To accomplish this goal, we are utilizing novel techniques and for the first time, quantifying the metabolic activity of donor tissue. This strategy will enable us to define how tissue should function normally, identify sources of tissue damage, and pinpoint cellular changes that contribute to tissue dysfunction. It is expected that these research activities will foster advancements in treating vision loss by providing a foundation for understanding metabolic function and dysfunction in the eye and a platform for measuring the impact of disease and therapeutic strategies on eye tissue.

For more information about research at the Iowa Lions Eye Bank please contact Greg Schmidt, Director of Business Development & Research


For more information please contact: Ben Aldrich, ILEB Research Scientist - PhD